Child Support Investigations

Child Support Investigations

When parents divorce it can be devastating for families, especially for the children. The situation can become more complicated and difficult when one parent won’t take his or her responsibilities seriously. Both parents are expected to provide support for their children. The court reviews the details of both parents as well as any other factors when ordering support payments. If a parent refuses to pay or tries to pay less than what is fair, the other parent may need the services of an experienced Dallas child support investigation company.

Calculation of Child Support

The judge in a family court case makes a determination of payments that become part of a court order. These payments are typically computed using a support calculator. To be correct, both parents need to provide accurate financial information. Unfortunately, some parents are less than forthcoming with this data. In some instances, a parent could try to conceal assets in order to pay less support than what is fair.

To provide a more precise evaluation of finances, a private investigator may be necessary. This is helpful at the onset of a case in order to ensure that the judge makes a reasonable order. A Dallas child support investigation will provide you and your attorney with the facts needed to properly review the case. A private investigator will be able to find out details about the former spouse such as:

  • Employment status
  • Name and address of employer
  • Address and phone number of a former spouse
  • Notable assets

These details might be withheld by a parent in an intentional attempt to deceive courts when calculating support payments.

Locating a Deadbeat Parent

It can be hard to find a non-custodial parent when they deliberately try to hide to avoid making payments. Dallas courts will try to locate a deadbeat parent; however, it can be a lengthy and complex process. This can create a problematic situation for the custodial parent who has to shoulder all the child’s expenses. It might be advantageous to engage the services of an experienced private detective to learn as much as possible before going to court.

Locating your former spouse allows you to serve court documents while providing the court with the information needed to reach the parent. This data can be instrumental in making the parent pay support that is in arrears. In some instances the parent’s wages might be garnished, tax refunds withheld or other penalties could be applied in order to obtain support funds.

Help from a Dallas Child Support Investigation Specialist

Trying to resolve financial situations with a former spouse is often stressful. Fortunately, there is a resolution. If your child’s parent isn’t making regular payments, has been unable to be located or has not provided accurate financial information a private detective will help. At Bond Investigations we have years of experience handling Dallas child support investigations. We help our clients obtain the data necessary to resolve their cases more favorably. Contact Bond Investigations today to find out how we can help with your situation.